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Kerry Barto
Transformational Health and Life Coach 
Clarity Catalyst Trainer 

Hello, my name is Kerry Barto, and I am happy to share a little bit about myself with you. No matter what type of work I’ve done in my life, for me, the most important, and fun, part has always been the people part.  


After college, I took a job at a management and technology consulting firm. Sure, I got to live and work in lots of fun places with really great people (…and I met my husband ), but as far as the work went, it was definitely NOT where I was meant to stay forever. I knew I wanted to work more closely with people, NOT technology, so I decided to go to back to graduate school and get my education degree. I remember when I got my first teaching paycheck. I had actually forgotten that I was getting paid until that moment…I would have done it for free. I don’t remember everything about the lessons, but I do remember the students…especially when they called me mom by mistake, when they needed some extra moral support or when they were really proud of themselves for reaching a goal. 


Fast forward, several years later, I was raising my own 3 boys and considering what to do in my "next chapter." I was CLOSE to teaching again, but as a bit more time passed, and I had a different perspective, I was feeling more drawn to the people part again, NOT the 3Rs. I saw firsthand, with my own family, friends and people in general, that what we learn in school doesn’t necessarily make us happy, healthy, and fulfilled. It is the journey of personal growth and discovery that teaches us how to be healthy, resilient, and true to ourselves in a world where those things aren’t always easy. That is the journey that excites me and the one I want to share with others. But yes, we still need math and reading, and teachers are still superstars, in my book! 


Having spent years surrounded by kids, teens, women, and men, I noticed that the common denominator is that we ALL struggle. EVERYONE. We don’t struggle with the same stuff, but we all need help and support at one time or another.  In those moments when I can be that support, I am doing what I love. 

As a coach, I walk alongside my clients as they get clear on what they really want for their lives and health. I get to cheer them on as they incorporate new perspectives and new tools and live their lives with more health, passion, and purpose…I would do that for free.


I was born and raised in Queens, NY and after bopping around quite a bit, now live in NH with my husband and three boys. I look forward to being a part of your adventure. 

BS Management, Fairfield University

MS Education, Hofstra University

Certified Health and Life Coach, Health Coach Institute

Certified Clarity Catalyst Trainer 

Reach out to see how I can help!
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