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Insight For Life

High school edition  

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High school is tough.  High school in the 21st century is tougher.  High school during a worldwide pandemic takes it to a whole other level.

Insight for Life delivers a proven methodology, based on Creativity in Business, the famed Stanford University master's degree class, created by Dr. Michael Ray, that revolutionized the art of success.  It has been touted as the most life-changing course ever to be taught at Stanford and has countless supporters from all walks of life.  If your teen wants to experience the benefits of mental fitness, such as calm, confidence, communication, clarity, resilience, and creativity, Insight for Life can help.  This course is filled with practical tools and powerful exercises that will ignite self-discovery, awaken personal insight, and empower your teen to step fully into high school and the future!

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Some of what your teen will Gain From Insight for Life:


Generate new ideas for life purpose and creative passions.


Learn mindfulness and mental fitness tools to help cultivate focus and attention for better results in academics.


Discover how to silence the inner critic.


Increase self-confidence and resilience in and out of school.


Create new ways for dealing with time management and stress.


Improve communication skills for more self-confidence when standing up to peer pressure/bullying and better communication with family, friends, and teachers.


Bring new levels of peace and balance into everyday life, with lower levels of stress, fear, and anxiety.


Inspire innovative problem-solving and breakthrough thinking to find innovative solutions to complex problems.

Watch the video below to hear what some past graduates say about the course.

Insight for Life - High School Edition will begin on Wednesday, 9/22, at 8:00 PM EST.

This 8-week course is delivered virtually for 60-90 minutes.  It is highly interactive and FUN!  The sessions will be recorded in case you have to miss and will be available for a limited time.  

Enjoy a special back-to-school investment of $597.00!

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Here's a more detailed description…




Every child is creative…even if they don’t think they are!  The Creative Process is NOT: Great Idea…. to Success. It is actually a six-stage process. When kids get clear on how to move through this process, they will be able to understand how to “trust the process” and know that frustration and failure are just part of the journey to success.  Students will learn practical tools to help manage this frustration and help move creativity from inside their heads out into the world.


In this module students will….


  • Implement the ‘Insight for Life Foundational Daily Practice” of mediation, journaling, and gratitude.  They can use these tools to help them pay better attention and have sharper focus at school, a place to work out their feelings on the page, and keep them calm and relaxed when feeling anxious.


  • Unearth their deep well of creativity so they can become innovative thinkers.


  • Experience how to move though life like an objective observer, who does not take things so personally.  This helps them free up energy that can be put into being more creative and becoming better team players.


  • Learn how to let go of attachments to the final outcomes with their new creative visions, so they can allow the creative process to lead them exactly where it needs to go.


  • Learn to Trust the Process and be fine with where they are in school and in life.  They will understand that this acceptance will allow things to flow with more ease and peace.





We were all born knowing that we are perfect, whole, and complete. Then something happens…it’s called life. As we grow up, we adopt many negative self-limiting beliefs, from well-meaning and not-so well-meaning peers and society at large. We started to believe what we hear…I am not good enough or smart enough to make it.  This week is about helping students identify their self-limiting beliefs, and others, so they can start reprogramming them.


In this module students will….


  • Meet their inner gremlins, the negative voices in their heads that were not there when they were born. Identify what limiting beliefs they say about them that just aren’t true so that they can stop identifying with them.


  • Discover their Inner superheroes, so they can empower students to no longer listen to the gremlins.


  • Learn how they can stop judging themselves and others with simple techniques to overcome the judgment.


  • Experience letting go of judgment of others who trigger them in life and at school, so they don’t take things so personally and can have more peace and ease.


  • Master how to see everyone as a teacher so they are freed up to focus on the gift of challenging people instead of feeling like victims.





Most of us spend our time worrying about the future and regretting the past, instead of being in the present moment where peace lives.  Unknowingly we are on the hamster wheel all day long.  When we worry about the future, we feel fear and anxiety. When we worry about the past, we feel anger, depression, guilt, or shame. This creates a lot of stress on the body and the mind.  This module is about alleviating that stress.


In this module students will….


  • Discover ways to use mindfulness activities to quiet the mind of anxious thoughts so they are calmer before taking a test.


  • Learn how to stay in the present moment so they can manage fear and anxiety and stop obsessive thinking.  This will allow for better sleep.


  • Understand how to practice “mindful listening” so that they can pay better attention to parents and teachers.


  • Become actively aware of their minds, so they can see frustrating situations objectively and instantly create powerful solutions when school or life gets challenging.






YOU. ALWAYS. KNOW. Science has shown that our intuition is mistake free.  We are all born with intuition.  To access it, you must exercise the intuitive muscle. Asking powerful thought-provoking questions unlocks deep wisdom and clarity.


In this module students will….


  • Discover practical tools that will help them, at any crossroads, to make choices without self-doubt or fear, so they can feel more confident about their decision-making abilities and stand up to peer pressure.


  • Learn the Insight for Life question inquiry, which will unlock the answers they already have within about the best next steps for school and life.


  • Unearth the well of wisdom that lies within by using the Insight for Life “Yes or No” method, which will help them make hard school, social and life decisions in an instant and not fall prey to peer pressure or self-doubt.


  • Meet their future self to get a clearer vision of where they want to be in 5 years.





Every single one of us has been put on this great earth for a reason.  We all have gifts to share…some of us even have legacies to leave.  If we let our fear and self-limiting conversations stand in the way of sharing these gifts with others, the world will be less because of it.  It is our responsibility to discover our purpose and leave this great earth better than we found it.


In this module students will….


  • Understand that life’s purpose is not the “job” you do.


  • Learn what their most valued qualities are so they can be used as a compass to guide your students towards purposeful work that will be meaningful and fulfilling when they are older.


  • Discover the three E’s: Ease, Energy, Enjoyment and how to use this to transform the three D’s: Dull, Difficult, or Depressing.





We often hear phrases such as, “I’ll do it later or tomorrow.” We get stressed out because we procrastinate and wait until the last moment to get things done. This module will be filled with tools to understand how we procrastinate, how to identify it, and how to move past it. 



In this module students will….



  • Learn the Insight for Life time management system to effortlessly get the things that are stressing them out off of their plates with a tool that chunks it down and makes it manageable.


  • Discover how to overcome procrastination NOW so they will not continue to self-sabotage into adulthood.


  • Learn how to see time through a nonlinear lens so when they feel rushed and overwhelmed they can relax by creating a new relationship with time.





Relationships cause us the greatest joys and the biggest challenges. This module looks at the relationship we have with self, others, and people who challenge us. Many times, we must deal with people who trigger us, which takes energy away from being successful at school and in life. Also, if we are not loving, trusting, and respecting ourselves, we will continually self-sabotage our ability to advance.


In this module students will….


  • Discover the art of self love and how to cultivate powerful relationships with THEMSELVES that in turn help them thrive in their relationships with others.


  • Awaken to the gifts and life lessons the challenging people provide, that actually help them grow.


  • Learn how to let go of past hurts in relationships so that they can move on and soar.


  • Master how to see everyone they meet, even the challenging people, as teachers so they no longer take things so personally.





Money is energy. Depending on the relationship you have with money, that energy can be what either blocks the flow of abundance from flowing in or it can open the floodgates to abundance and magnetize it in.  If left unexplored our subconscious limiting beliefs about money can limit our potential for abundance and prosperity.


In this module students will….


  • Get clear on what things cost so they understand the value of money.


  • Look at their beliefs about money so they can choose new beliefs that will support them into adulthood.


  • Create a money mantra that will support them in having a healthy relationship with money.





Finally, the program culminates with a powerful last class that has the students tap into their greatest creative resources.

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