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Clarity Catalyst
Teen Girl and Mom Edition 

White Sheet
A powerful course where you'll discover your unique talents and learn valuable tools and self-empowerment techniques that will help prepare you for success at home, in school, on the field, at work and in life.

With Kerry Barto-Health and Life Coach; MIndfulness and emotional intelligence Trainer 
Candy Cotton
White Sheet

Clarity Catalyst is an awe-inspiring course focusing on mindfulness and positive transformation. Based on a methodology first taught in Stanford University’s famed Creativity in Business MBA course, the 8-week program is designed to take you on a profound journey into unearthing your creativity, tapping into your purpose, and activating your full potential. Using practical tools and techniques, Kerry will empower you to step into your authentic, true self.

Clarity Catalyst was developed in 1979 for Stanford University. In 2002, it was taken out of Stanford and delivered to four hundred 9/11 widows to help them move forward with a greater sense of purpose and clarity. Since then, the curriculum has been tweaked for kids, teens, adults and corporations, such as Facebook, Prada, MGM and Anheuser-Busch. Clarity Catalyst has been translated into several languages and is taught in countries all over the world. 

It's hard to put down on paper what this class can do for you. You'll just have to experience it for yourself to find out!

What better way to experience this transformative journey than with your teen daughter! NOW is the time, to pour energy into your evolving relationship. Through this process you will each learn more about yourselves, gain a deeper understanding of each other, and emerge with a new baseline from which to approach ALL areas of life.


Space is limited for this class. If you are interested, sign up as soon as possible to guarantee your spot. Class will be canceled and rescheduled if enrollment is too low. Ensure that class will run by telling your friends to join with you :)!


If you cannot make it this time around, but want information about upcoming mom/daughter or mom/son classes, email me at

Candy Cotton
Candy Cotton

whAT will You Gain?


Generate new ideas for life purpose and creative passions.


Learn mindfulness and mental fitness tools to help cultivate focus and attention for better results in academics, sports and life.


Discover how to tame the inner critic.


Increase self-confidence and resilience.


Develop new strategies for dealing with time management and procrastination.


Improve communication skills for interacting with family, friends, teachers and co-workers.


Bring new levels of peace and balance into everyday life, with lower levels of stress, fear, and anxiety.


Inspire innovative problem-solving and breakthrough thinking to find innovative solutions to complex problems.

Watch the video below to hear what the first teen girl graduates(many years ago) had to say about this class.

Clarity Catalyst - Teen Girl and Mom Edition will begin on Wednesday, 1/24 @ 7:00pm. Classes are approx.90 minutes each and will run for 8 weeks. No class during school vacation week.
This 8-week course is highly interactive and FUN!
LOCATION: 40 S. River Rd., Unit 21, Bedford, NH 03110
COST: The investment for this class is typically $850 PER PERSON. Enjoy a very special new year mom/daughter investment of $347 PER PAIR!!!!!! Yes, PER PAIR!!!!!!(includes all learning materials and art supplies)! 

If you have any questions or need more information, email me at

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