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The Stressless Nest 

Recharge and Rejuvenate Before the Holiday Whirlwind

  • Are you ...

  • Are you ...

  • Are you ...

  • Are you ...

If You Answered YES to Any of These Questions, Join Me!

Here’s what I know…

I know that everything starts at home and that YOU are the center of that home. 


YOU SET THE TONE! I know, its a LOT of pressure :)!

Over the next couple of months, it's possible that you'll have moments of laughter, frustration, joy, pride, fear, stress, sadness, smiles, regret, tears, and excitement...maybe even in the same day!

I GET IT! I have a senior 2nd...and while the spotlight might be on the graduates, we too are getting ready for BIG changes. 

No matter what your senior is planning to do after graduation, or where he/she is planning to go, things will be different. How YOU approach the upcoming changes will make a BIG impact on how your teen experiences and remembers the next few weeks and the upcoming summer. It might also impact how he/she embraces the future. 

How YOU show up and What YOU do over these next few months is KEY! 

Join me on April 20th @7:00, on Zoom, and create a plan to slay the next few months!

In The STRESSLESS Nest Workshop You Will...

  • Get clear on what you want the upcoming weeks and months to look like in your NEST.

  • Give yourself permission to have 'all the feels' without letting them run the show.

  • Realize that taking care of YOU and being KIND to yourself will influence your whole family's experience over the next few months. 

  • Learn simple strategies to minimize fear and anxiety about ALL the things moms of HS seniors worry about.

  • Arm yourself with a communication tool, or 2, for when those moments of tension pop up. 

Presented By Kerry Barto, Health and Life Coach and founder of The Evolving Nest™

Your NEST will never be empty, it will always be EVOLVING! YOU are the central figure in that nest. The Evolving Nest is about doing everything YOU need to do, starting with YOU, so that you can be the mom you want to be remembered as and build a NEST that your kids will actually be excited to come home to!

WHEN: April 20th @ 7:00pm


Can't make it, don't worry! The workshop will be recorded so you can watch the replay.

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